AlumniFrom Best Upsell Intern to Revenue Manager in three years

Sandra holds the title of Best Upsell Intern in the history of Mandarin Oriental, Prague!


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After Sandra Nilsson graduated from IHTTI, she was determined to start her career with a management training program. The Vita Futura program with Starwood Hotels & Resorts offered an opportunity to try out more than 10 different departments at the prestigious St. Regis in Abu Dhabi. This experience shaped her interest in Revenue Management and when she finished the program, she accepted the role of Revenue Manager at the Swissôtel in Basel.


During her internship at the Mandarin Oriental, Prague Sandra was recognized as the Best Upsell Intern. She shares her tips on what it takes to succeed in upselling and beyond.


  1. Smile genuinely and a lot!

It might seem obvious, but it’s essential. Approaching someone with a genuine smile might just be the tiny detail needed for an upsell to be successful! 


  1. Believe in what you’re selling

It’s important that you know what you’re selling and that you believe in it, no one would ever buy something you wouldn’t want to buy yourself – it shines through.


  1. Share your upselling experiences with your manager

You are the one selling; the management who sets the upselling strategy is not. They need your feedback in order to eventually evaluate the strategy so that you together can maximize the upselling revenue. Think them though, and then share your ideas!


Hospitality management studies in Switzerland - Bachelor's Degree
Career possibilities with a hotel management diploma

Sandra’s key advice for success is to work hard with the tools given to you, stay open minded to new opportunities & projects and don’t be afraid to express opinions & ideas.

A young and fresh opinion is usually well valued if there is a thought behind it. Show that you want to contribute to the development and the success of the company you’re working for!


Sandra graduated in the spring of 2015 from IHTTI, Neuchâtel, and has a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degree in International Hospitality and Design Management. She’s happy to answer your questions if you message her on LinkedIn.

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